How do I change my shipping/billing address?

To change your current shipping or billing address, please log into your account, select the tab 'Addresses' and click on the EDIT button below the address you want to change.

What if my order has already shipped, but I need to change the address?

To update your shipping address for an order where the shipping process has already started, you will need to contact our Customer Support with the topic “Modify an existing order” or “Update Address”.
We also recommend that you contact the courier company to request an address change or at least have them drop it off at your local post office for pick up instead.

Note: Please remember to add your Order ID on your mail when you contact our Customer Support Team.

The change on the shipping address will not affect preorders/orders that you have already placed. So, to request this, please contact our Customer Support Team.


Please bear in mind that we will not be able to modify the State, as this would involve different shipping methods and possible tax fees.

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