How to change the billing / shipping address

To change your current shipping or billing address, please log into your account, select the tab 'Addresses' and click on the EDIT button next to the address you want to change.
The change on the shipping address will not affect preorders/orders that you have already placed.


Update my shipping address for an order once the shipping process has begun

If you need to make a change in an already placed order to your name, last name, first or second line of the address and you've placed the order using your store account, please click on "Your Orders" in your account and there you should be able to make the change yourself, as long as the physical item is not in shipment preparation yet.

If placed the order as a guest, please contact customer support via the button "Submit A Request" below while providing the full address you'd like to have registered for your order and the order ID. Customer support will then happily change the shipping address for you as long as still possible according to our guidelines.

Note: A change of delivery country is not possible and details can only be modified if the order is not in shipment preparation or in transit to you yet.

If the order is in transit already, please contact the transport company with the provided tracking ID to see if they can make the required changes.






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