How to avoid payment problems.

If you’ve tried to place an order and keep getting rejected, we have designed an easy to follow guide that will help you spot the problem and ensure all your orders in the future get processed in a timely manner. Before following the steps below, we highly advise that you check with your bank to ensure that there are no restrictions (amount, international payments etc) placed on your card/account.

Our Handy Guide to payments!


Step 1.   Bank enquiries

On the back of your card, you will find the customer service number for your card issuer (Please ensure that you are not calling the lost/stolen number). They will be able to tell you whether your card has any restrictions.
** Please keep in mind that even if you have previously made successful purchases on our store with the same card, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all other transactions will also be successful. **

Step 2.  Clear your browser

Delete all the cache, history and auto-complete entries from your browser.
If you have an alternative browser available. Please try placing your order from there to ensure that any browser plug-ins or add-ons aren’t interfering with the process.


Step 3. Delete any stored cards on your account.

Go to ‘Your Account’, select Payment Methods’ and click on ‘Delete card’. This will ensure that when you place your new order, the payment error won’t repeat.

Step 4.  Consider using an alternative payment method.

Try using PayPal or a different card if possible.

Step 5. Create a new order.

Re-enter the card details manually WITHOUT using the auto-complete feature of your browser. Make sure the CVV and expiration dates are correct.
**The reason we recommend placing another order instead of attempting to process the same one (if your order allows it) is because we want to clear any information stored in our servers as well)

(PREORDER) Step 6. Complete your order.

If you have any issue with your pre-order, consider clicking on the DEBIT NOW button to debit your account straight away.

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