Why does my payment keep being rejected?

Some customers may encounter difficulties when trying to place an order. Some of the reasons why payment attempts could be rejected are given below. The most common ‘rejected’ error you may come across is “Refused”. Please see our helpful and easy to use guide below on why some transactions may be refused and how to avoid them.

Top Reasons why a payment can be refused.

Bank Restrictions

Your bank may have specifically blocked the transaction because it has triggered a limitation on the card or account for security reasons.

  • You may have geographical/amount limitations on your card or your account
  • You are using a pre-paid debit card, sometimes banks deny these types of cards as they often pose security risks.

Low Funds

 Please, keep in mind that there needs to be adequate funds in the account to cover the cost of the product as well as all applicable taxes and fees. 

Card Information is incorrect

Please ensure your payment information is accurate. If you are using the auto-complete feature when paying, we recommend that you check your card information, especially the expiration date, to ensure it is up to date. It is also important to make sure the billing address matches that of the owner of the card.
If you are still having trouble, we recommend paying via a certified PayPal account.




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