Pre-order overview

  • When will I be charged for a pre-order?

We will usually charge you for your pre-order 2-4 weeks before it is shipped. We will send a notification to your registered email address a few days before we debit your account, along with instructions on how to update your payment method if needed (please also check your spam/promotions folder for this).


  • When will my pre-order be shipped?

We try to ship all pre-orders before the release date in order for it to arrive on the release day. If the pre-order is sent via either DPD or DHL you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order leaves the warehouse.


  • I no longer want my pre-order

If you placed your pre-order with your account, you can cancel it as long as the order is not in shipment preparation yet by logging into your Store Account, selecting 'Your Orders' and then by selecting 'Manage this order'. See below:




You can then select the option to cancel your pre-order.



If your order is in shipment preparation already or you placed it with guest check-out, please read the article below for further instructions:

Return Procedure for Physical Products




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